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White Man In Hanoi

Paroles :

She's like a mannequin
She like oh my god I'm back again
She's like puzzlin'
She freaks out when she can't stay thin
She's like a mannequin
Makes me feel like a man again
With a masculine mandoline
She's just like a mannequin

(4x) I'm a white man in Hanoi

You be the preacher
I'll read the subtexts
Spam me the bullshit
(What it is you know)
Divine intervention
Misguided direction
Is my new obsession
(Everything I know)

(8x) I'm a white man in Hanoi

Cruising down the Saigon
With a little girl on my lap
She had just a touch of Jesus
And you know how I like that

(8x) I'm a white man in Hanoi

Bail me out
Deal me in
Strike my dance
Back again
Shoot me up
Tell your friend
Play the boy
She's the man

White man in Hanoi
(7x) White in Hanoi

(8x) I'm a white man in Hanoi

(8x) I'm a white man in Hanoi

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